Solo Ads vs Banner Ads – Which is best marketing?

Detailed comparison of solo ads vs banner ads

Solo ads are one of the methods of online advertisement where emails are used as the advertising platform whereas banner ads are advertisements displayed on a web page in the form of images or a multimedia object.

Simply Solo ads are clicks that come from Email Blasts, or Campaigns, Sequences.

Banner ads are called display ads or image ads, which are picture based advertisements that are broadly well known on the web.

This or that? Confused…..

Choosing between these two creates a great dilemma within yourself but its a tricky task.

Traffic battle: Solo ads vs Banner ads

Solo Ads

Solo ads use emails to advertise the product/service. An individual should approach a niche with lists of subscribers to promote their product and it is wholly a trust-based exchange between the solo ads vendor and the individual. It is simply known as email ads. It is available in flexible options.

Solo Ads is used most in Business Opportunities, make money online offers, Work From Home, Weight Loss, Diet, Personal Development & now Cryptocurrency offers because Solo ads are a highly-scalable PPC (Pay Per Click) traffic source.

The difficulty faced in solo ads is not getting the appropriate list of subscribers. When you make a deal with a trustable solo ads vendor then you have invested in the best online advertising method.

Banner Ads

In Banner ads, the advertisement is displayed on the web page. It is an image-based advertisement. Here the advertisement is randomly displayed on the web page without any target population.

The purpose of banner advertising is to promote a brand and/or to get visitors from the host website to go to the advertiser’s website. A banner ad must be attractive to drag the attention of the customer towards your ad.

The banner ads increase the brand identity and it is cheaper and effective with respect to the sales funnel. There are 3 methods in banner ads:

  1. Cost Per Impression
  2. Cost Per Click 
  3. Cost Per Action 

The main drawback of Banner Ads is banner blindness because the viewer had become immune to the banners.

Which marketing is best for you?

Before choosing, one must analyze the pros and cons of both

Solo ads – Pros & Cons

Solo ads are just a pay-per-click advertising technique. It is the king of online advertisement.

It is mainly targeted to a specific group of population. Thus it is target based marketing and yields maximum reach for your product/service.

Solo ad leads are delivered to subscribers who are in a high state of readiness to buy because of the fact that people make buying decisions with their emotions and justify them with logic.

In Solo Ads, you have to trust on the internet marketer that he will send email to a list of subscribers with your message. It is a cost-effective way of advertising the product/service.

The number of clicks you receive will be a definite number and you are assured that you will receive the accurate number of clicks you have paid for.

The difficulty faced in solo ads is finding and approaching providers with a good list.

Banner Ads – Pros & Cons

The Banner Ads are similar to that of physical banner ads outside a shop which brings the customers to the shop. It is mainly based on Click-through Rates (CTR).

Banner Ads are display ads that are available in different forms such as static banner, animated GIF banner, Flash Banners, skyscraper, leaderboard in different sizes.

In Banner Ads, you can manipulate the design according to their customer’s requirements. It is a good way to speak to your target audience without disturbing others. Tracking is much easier in banner ads than solo ads but it is not highly targeted. 

The Banner Ads may have high CTR but the visitors may not be potential buyers. Ad blocks and banner blindness are potential drawbacks of banner ads.

Good conversion rate – an increased sales funnel 

What is the conversion rate? The conversion rate represents the percentage of visitors who take action on an offer you present to them simply the count of leads. It can also be based on no. of sales that took place by clicking your solo ads.

Knowing your conversion rate(s) is a first step in understanding how your sales funnel is performing.

In banner ads, the click-through rates are high but the conversion rate is less. Thus the conversion rate can be increased by making the ads quite attractive and creative. There are several other ways to increase the conversion rate of banner ads such as colorful ads, ads with emotional chord, simplified layout, etc. The average conversion rate of banner ads is 10% to 3%.

But, when we compare the conversion rate of solo ads and banner ads, the result would be in favor of solo ads. This is because Solo ads are presented to the population who would be interested in your product and this will automatically increase your conversion rate. Any Solo Ads that produces a conversion rate of about 35% is a good conversion rate.

If getting more conversion rate is the ultimate goal of you, Try the solo ads first if it fails, then move on to banner ads.

Article Written by Daisy

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