Frequently Asked Questions and Answers

Will I always receive ALL clicks?

There will always be some over-delivery. We never (NEVER) under-deliver. The over-delivery is specified on the click package you purchased

Can you help me get good results?

We can supply a free sales funnel review and suggestions upon request if you have any doubts about your campaign.

Who provides the Solo Ad email swipe?

A custom-written email swipe comes free of charge on all orders. If you wish to use your own, provide it to us upon purchase and once it suits our writing style, you’re in!

How many times can I order?

Repeat orders are always accepted and we encourage repeat orders. For best results, a week between orders will be most wise, as our lists are always growing and refreshing. We have specifically added a weekly subscription with a discount for this very reason.

Are there any guarantees?

While the traffic that comes from Get Real Clicks is of the utmost highest quality, we cannot, under any circumstances, predict how it will perform on your specific offer. But if you’ve done testing prior, and you have a solid converting sales funnel, you will receive sales conversions.

What niche offers can I advertise with you?

At this time we’re primarily focused on serving the Internet Marketing, Make Money Online, MLM and Business Opportunity markets.

Do you utilize any… “weird” tactics to deliver my Solo Ad?

There is absolutely NO brokering or additional lists involved in the delivery of your Solo Ad. 100% of the traffic is our subscribers nurtured and loved to a ripe hunger for your offer.

How do I track my order?

All clicks are tracked by us, and we suggest you track them too. If you need help, let us know, we can direct you to the ideal tracker that we use. We track all clicks using ClickMagick and we provide you with a ‘public’ share URL so you can view the stats we send you in real time on top of tracking on your side.

Can I give you my CoReg offer to run?

No squeeze-to-squeeze offers accepted – at ALL. Period. All pages, proceeding from the opt-in should be your own and should not request additional subscriptions (unless they buy something of course).

What if I don’t like the results? Can I get a refund?

Once traffic is delivered, there are absolutely zero refunds accepted. The only condition in which refunds are accepted is if you did not receive all the traffic that you ordered (which never happens).